Notary Public and Countersigning Service

A Notary Public is normally a qualified individual who holds an internationally recognised status that permits the official certification of a broad spectrum of documents.

If you have official documents or papers that require to be countersigned or notarised by an authorised official, you will need a registered notary public to assist you. 

A Scottish notary public can:

  • Certify as a true copy a range of documents for use worldwide.
  • Prepare and countersign affidavits, oaths, affirmations, and declarations
  • Notarise documents written in a foreign language.

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We have listed some FAQ’s below to assist you.

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How much will it cost me?

This is dependent on the type and volume of documents that required to be notarised.

Do you certify documents as copies of the original?

Yes. On occasion if you are applying for something abroad you may be asked to send a certified copy of your passport. We can notarise this for you.

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